IGS PGM Frog Feast source code

I've decided to release the source code to Frog Feast for the IGS PGM. I've benefited from the source code released by many people in the arcade development community, and would like to give back to the community.

To compile the code, you will need to download the stripped down NeoDev compiler. This must be extracted to "C:\" or the makefiles will need to be modified.
Included in the NeoDev package are Bin2elf and Gcc2Ms.
Bin2elf converts any file to an elf object file. This is used for the graphics and maps.
Gcc2Ms (by Loser) allows the error messages to be properly displayed in Visual Studio.
If you are not using Visual Studio 6, you will also need to download nmake.
You will also need to download a copy of SNASM68K. This needs to be placed somewhere in your path.
If the build fails, ensure there is a Debug Folder in the PGMSrc directory and ensure there is a ffight folder in the \Mame\Roms directory.

To convert the graphics, you will need the PGM tools. This converts files from PCX and Mappy to formats used on the IGS PGM.
These need to be placed somewhere in your path. The "NeoDev\bin\" directory would be a good choice.

All of the sound stuff was done with Cool Edit Pro, but any audio editor should work.
The audio files are converted to a signed 8 bit 8 or 11 Khz PCM format. Only the title music uses 8 Khz, due to it's size.

The 'Sound\SndTable.asm' file needs to be updated if any sounds are changed.

All values are byte swapped.
dc.w Bank ($4400 is the default)
dc.w Sample rate ($112B is 11025)
dc.w (Start location & 0x0F) << 12
dc.w (Start location & 0xF0) >> 4
dc.w (End location & 0x0F) << 12
dc.w (End location & 0xF0) >> 4

To build the game you will need to: To create replacement screens under Mappy: Download the source code.

The source code for IGS PGM Frog Feast is copyright 2006 by Charles Doty. You may use any/all of the enclosed code in any freeware/commercial application. You can also create and distribute a modified version of Frog Feast.

I would appreciate a credit in your product, but it is not required.

Copyright 2005-10 RasterSoft